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WHAT IS Evogue Parfum Stylus

Evogue Perfume Styles is uniquely contrived for people with an active lifestyle, who are always on the go. Filled with the finest Eau De Parfum, expertly crafted by renowned artisans, it unleashes brilliantly paired fragrance notes. The Stylus is sleek, compact, and convenient; it fits into any pocket, pouch or bag offering superb convenience and precision anytime, anywhere. Just click and glide on the Perfume Stylus of your choice, through its leak-proof brush tip, leaving a delicate trail of scent…

First time, I am very surprised to see this parrfum looks like a pen or a brush eyeliner! 

What the most I love this parfum because this perfume very easy to apply, 100% fine & soft nylon brush and of course can fit into your makeup bag or even in your pocket. Cool ha. This perfume comes with 3 colors FIRE, METAL & EARTH. Formulated in France and made in Singapore.  Every each priced at $39USD and a gift set of all 3 costs $109USD.  


1) Alcohol free 
- skin friendly, non-flammable and suitable for all skin types

2) Gel formulation
-Ultra-concentrated, smooth flowing gel technology, non-sticky and melt onto skin instanly

3) Portable & convenient
-TSA friendly, slim, sleek and lightweight, touch up anywhere anytime discreetly

4) Volume control
-No wastage, one click lasts all day, twist and click adjust to your liking

5) Smart design
-Modern, stylish and elegant look, 100% fine and soft nylon brush. Easy to apply with 3D button

For the first time, I am using Metal parfum

Metal produce a vision of a noble horsemen hunting 
through damp woods, the citrus and bitter herbs of Metal evoke the crisp white shirt and warm skin of someone irresistibly attractive and elegantly sexy. The beauty and the genius of this exquisitely refine fragrance lie in its perfect balance: a balance between different elements of the composition, between simplicity and complexity, between artistic merit and pure pleasure.

It is one of those rare perfumes that have plenty to say, but that are easy to understand. The effervescence of Metal is set by pink pepper, cashmere wood, amber and patchouli, which form an exhilarating prelude.


Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Parfum, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Squalane, Trans-rose ketone-1, Citral, Coumarin, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Limonene, Linalool


1) Twist the Volume Control (at the tip) to the highest Volume 4
2) Click the 3D Button for several times until the gel is released
3) Glide anywhere on your body
4) Adjust volume to your liking for next application


It will be a totally new experience for you, and you will never apply perfume the same way again!
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After their successful pop-ups in KL, Evogue will be coming to Penang end of July! Discover a brand new way of experiencing fragrance and also pamper yourself with some sweets with Evogue at "Meet Your Scent". Complete these 4 simple steps on Facebook to claim your FREE dessert! I repeat 300 FREE DESSERTS ON EVOGUE! Click here now!

Meet Evogue at these locations on the following dates: 
27/7 (Fri) 4pm-10pm @ Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe, Icon City
28/7 (Sat) 12pm-6pm @ Magnum, Gurney Paragon Mall
29/7 (Sun) 12pm-6pm @ Macallum Connoisseurs, Gat Lebuh Macallum

#evoguenewyork #meetyourscent #evogueinpenang!

For more information and to place your order, head over to Evogue's website and Facebook page right now!


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Managing finance as a married couple

Managing finances are never easy, especially when it comes to being in a relationship or in a marriage. A person or a family would need to be able to discuss openly and plan their spending in order to ensure that they are sticking to the budget set in the initial stages of the discussions.

 Furthermore, in Asian culture, any discussion of wealth or money between partners might result in a negative outcome as such topics are considered as taboos for most. Financial planning is difficult to achieve but satisfyingly good when you and your partner manage to obtain results from the effort. For starters, you might want to purchase a HDB in Ang Mo Kio to settle down. They would need to put their collective effort to plan in order to achieve their goals. 

Marriage messes with the heads of even the most organised of Singaporeans. While you might have tracked every cent you spent religiously as a single, merging your finances with another person when you tie the knot has the ability to throw even the most detailed person in us off, at least for a while. Joint accounts, supplementary credit cards and shared expenses aren’t easy to keep track of, especially when there’s someone else who’s incurring expenses you might not be aware of. Add to that the sudden onslaught of huge expenses like the purchase of your first HDB and the arrival of a baby, and you can see why some couples abandon trying to keep track of their spending. However, you should not give up. Before making any big acquisition such as a HDB or whatever, you should use the loan repayment calculator to calculate your commitments beforehand.

How to use loan repayment calculators to plan your finances as a couple

Normally, for most couples, the purchase of a home is the first huge financial commitment they’ll be making. So it’s quite shocking that many couples ballot for an HDB flat without really letting the extent of the financial burden they could be taking on sink in. Moreover, buying a home shouldn’t have to involve vagaries and guesswork.

Below are step-by-step guide to using a loan repayment calculator to know what you can afford when you buy a home.

1. You should start out with an approximate budget for your new HDB Never mind if you’re not sure whether you can afford it yet. You’ll know soon enough whether the budget is reasonable or not;

2.  First, you want to educate yourself on the home loan options or HDB financing you are eligible for and know the difference between a fixed and floating interest rate mortgage. Decide which one would be better for you. Everyone has difference requirements so please do your own research instead of listening to other’s recommendations blindly;

3. Compare interest rates of the various banks online. There are plenty of websites online which can help you do your research on this matter. After that, you could get a clearer picture about your commitments monthly and the tenure;

4. Subtract the down payment required for the HDB and use a loan repayment calculator online to see how much you’d have to pay each month given a certain loan amount and tenure. You may have to increase the tenure or lower your budget if you can’t arrive at a monthly repayment sum you’re comfortable with.

5. Check that the TDSR rules don’t bar you from borrowing the amount of cash you’re looking at. According to the TDSR rules, you cannot spend more than 60% of your income on loan repayments—this includes not just your home loan but also all other debt, including car loans, credit card debt and student loans. Again, there are online websites to assist you with the calculations if you are not capable to calculate it yourself. If you find that you can’t borrow that much thanks to the TDSR rules, you’ll have to either lower your budget or increase the loan tenure for achieve that dream HDB of yours.

 Budgeting as a couple

Using the above methods, it is now clear that you know the cost of acquiring your dream HDB, you can take a look at your finances to see if you can really afford it. To start, assume that your combined monthly income is $8,000 and you don’t have any other loans. That means the TDSR rules technically allow you to borrow up to the point where you are paying $4,800 a month.

However, that doesn’t mean you should borrow that much. You need to look at your actual financial situation and see how much you spend every month, as well as how much you need to save and invest in order to reach your retirement/other financial goals. So, let’s say out of your $8,000 combined income, you spend $1,000 every month on food and dining out, $1,000 on necessities like phone bills, household contributions and so on, $1,000 on outings and entertainment, $300 on transport, $200 on your child’s education and $1,000 to support your respective parents. To ease this process, you can use one of the many budgeting apps or software available in the market to find out what is your average spending in the span of two to three months.

 That means that every month, after deducting all your spending, you are only left with $3,500. From that $3,500, you should be putting aside some money for saving and investing. Assuming that you want to out away a generous amount of $1,500 per month, that leaves you with only $2,000 for the loan. From there, you can use the loan calculator to back track the amount of loan you should take to purchase that HDB. If every couple did this, there would be fewer people biting off more than they can chew when purchasing a HDB in Ang Mo Kio as their future home.

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7:00 PTG 14

  Doutor Coffee Japan continues to grow in Malaysia with its fourth outlet now in Gurney Plaza Penang, Malaysia. The opening ceremony is officiated by the Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Bhd, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr) Fumihiko Konishi and President of Doutor Nichires Holdings Co. Ltd., Mr. Masanori Hoshino. 

The very first Doutor outlet in Tokyo’s Harajuku district which was founded in 1980 by Mr. Hiromichi Toriba was a teeny-tiny 30sqm. Despite its humble beginnings, today Doutor Coffee has an international presence throughout outlets in Taiwan, Singapore and now in Malaysia; with three outlets opened late last year – in Aeon Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Sunway Velocity Mall and Aeon Bukit Tinggi. 

Doutor Coffee is renowned for its roasted beans, which are open-flame roasted, a method that takes a lot of time and involves a labyrinthine process that yields complex, richly flavored coffee beans. As open-flame roasting traditionally only allows for 5kg to 20kg of coffee to be roasted at a time, Doutor developed its own industrialised open-flame roasting equipment to achieve the results that it wanted, using larger quantities of coffee. According to Director of Doutor Nichires Holdings Co., Ltd who is also a Master Roaster; Mr Masahiro Kanno personally goes to select the beans that Doutor uses from over 10,000 plantations from all over the world, including its very own plantation in Kona, Hawaii. 

Ribbon cutting ceremony by Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Bhd, Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Fumihiko Konishi & President of Doutour Nichires Holdings Co. Ltd Mr. Masanori Hoshino


As such, Doutor Coffee practices the ‘3 FRESH’ philosophy; freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed. Doutor ensures that it provides freshly brewed coffee and fresh food inspired by Japan which is prepared upon order.

The Doutor chain in Malaysia is designed to cater to the different Malaysian taste buds with a beverage menu that not only offers Espresso-based coffee, mixed blends, and hand-brewed coffee of single origin, but also whips up non-coffee beverages for non-coffee drinkers. The hot food choices are prepared fresh and are inspired by Japanese elements and ingredients. There are also a range of cakes, desserts and pastries. 

 Serving artisanal coffee with a modern and contemporary ambience which offers a comfortable experiences for their patrons, Doutor aims to be a local hangout spot for ‘Penangites’.

Coffee Performance by Master Roaster Masahiro Kanno 

Hand Brewed Coffee (Blend) RM8.90

 Creme Brulee Latte RM15.90
Military Latte RM15.90

 Fizzy Berry Soda RM13.90


Mental Shrimp RM17.00

 Signature Spaghetti RM14.90

Seafood Tomato Sauce Spaghetti RM16.90

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich,  Shrimp & Tuna, Tuna Cheddar


 Vanilla Souffle Pancake RM13.90

 Matcha Souffle Pancake RM14.90

Caramel French Toast RM15.90

 Fluffy Souffle Doria RM19.90

Fluffy Omu Tomato Rice RM17.90

 For information and reservation:
Doutor Coffee
170-G-41 Ground Floor (Alfresco area)
Gurney Plaza, 
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm


3:30 PTG 12
Dari Kesibukan Kuala Lumpur Ke Syurga Dunia Pulau Pinang

Hai korang. Lama tak cerita pasal cuti2. Dah setahun lebih El sekeluarga tak pergi bercuti ke mana2. Walau sesibuk mana pun, El tetap bawa keluarga El pergi jalan2 ke luar walaupun hanya sejengkal dari rumah El hihi. Yelah penat bekerja kan..masa dengan family pun tak tentu. So waktu yang berharga patut kita manfaat bersama.

El nak tanya korang, berapa ramai diantara korang yang bekerja, keluar rumah seawal pagi (gelap) dan sampai rumah pun dah malam. Setiap hari tanpa gagal. Letih tak?

Kawan2 yang tinggal di luar Pulau Pinang khususnya, bekerja siang malam, living paycheck to paycheck di kotaraya metropolitan yang sibuk, dengan dikelilingi bangunan tinggi melangit dan hutan konkrit. Lampu neon pula menerangi malam hari, dengan bunyi bingit kesesakan lalu lintas. Pernah korang terdetik tak dalam hati “ARGHHH! I need a short gateaway”.

Tapi yang tak best tu bila nak cuti2, cuti lah tak ada, duit pula tak cukup apa lagi alasan yang terlintas dalam fikiran korang lagi. Korang rasa saya ada masa untuk pening kepala? Hahaha.

Jangan risau El nak share dengan korang, ada syurga dunia menanti korang, hanya sekitar 50 hingga 60 minit sahaja dari Kuala Lumpur. Tak percaya?

Dari Kesibukan Kuala Lumpur Ke Syurga Dunia Pulau Pinang

Sekarang ni El nak share dengan korang tentang Syurga Dunia Pulau Pinang. Rata2 pelancong memang suka datang ke Pulau Pinang. Pulau Pinang diantara negeri yang paling popular di Malaysia untuk bercuti.

Jom kita lihat apa yang menarik sangat tentang Pulau Pinang yang dikatakan Syurga Dunia ni

Pasar Malam

Kalau korang merancang untuk melawat Pulau Pinang, pasar malam harus menjadi salah satu tempat "mesti melawat". Di sini terdapat senarai pasar malam terkenal yang terletak di Pulau Pinang dan Butterworth. Deretan gerai makanan, dengan payung pasar malam besar yang bewarna terang. Meja makan bertebaran dengan kerusi kecil, memanggil-manggil korang untuk terus duduk dan order. Dengan bau masakan yang pelbagai dari pilihan makanan tempatan, masakan Cina, India, Melayu bercampur baur dengan bau yang menusuk kalbu.

Pasar malam yang selalu El kunjungi adalah Pasar Malam Bayan Lepas, Pasar Malam Bayan Baru dan pernah juga ke Pasar Malam Seberang Jaya yang punya besaq gila dan tak larat nak tawaf haha

Selalu makanan yang selalu El beli kat Pasar Malam macam Nasi Kerabu, Yong Tau Fu, Bihun Sup, Jagung Bakar, Apam Balik dan macam2 lagilah. Rambang mata tengok. Siap duit je haha

Street Foods

Korang jangan terliur pula haha sebab kini korang sedang menikmati sebahagian daripada syurga dunia, di Pulau Pinang. Ya! Pulau Pinang, Pulau Mutiara. Tak hairanlah kalau sampai majalah Time pun dah isytiharkan Pulau Pinang sebagai Best Street Food in Asia hoi. Nasi Kandar, Laksa Penang, Asam Laksa, Pasembor, Cendol,  Char Koay Teow, Koay Teow Th’ng, Lor Bak, Mee Goreng dan banyak lagi. Just name it, semua ada di Penang. Rugi hangpa tak mai Penang haha

Pasembur Padang Brown

Nasi Kandar Deen Jelutong

Sup Hameed Padang Brown

Laksa Tempurung, Laksa Penang, ABC, Cendol dan Char Kuey Teow


Bangunan Warisan UNESCO

Dah puas makan? Apa kata korang jalan-jalan pula keliling George Town yang dah diklasifikasikan sebagai bandar warisan oleh UNESCO ni. Ada banyak bangunan pra-sejarah yang masih teguh berdiri, ada yang diubah suai untuk dijadikan kafe dan kedai makan yang menarik.

Selain itu, jangan lupa untuk cari street mural dan arts yang terkenal di sini, alang-alang tu boleh ambil gambar kenang-kenangan juga!. Tak larat nak jalan? No problem, korang boleh cuba naik beca atau boleh sewa basikal untuk pusing-pusing Padang Kota, sambil menikmati angin laut.  Mesti satu pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan. Ya lah, mana nak dapat kalau kat KL kan? Pantai yang ada pun Pantai Dalam, tu pun jam teruk haihhhh. Pening!Ekeke

Sekarang dah senang untuk terbang dari Kuala Lumpur to Penang, ada few airlines yang offer beberapa daily flight dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pulau Pinang. Nak pergi Penang balik hari pun it is possible sekarang ok! Tapi buat apa nak rushing, just take your time and enjoy the beauty of Penang to the fullest. Why not book hotel di Batu Feringgi, korang boleh tengok pemandangan sunset dari tepi pantai yang cantik, tak pun, boleh jalan di sepanjang pantai.

Bagi yang nak rasai kemeriahan bandar warisan dunia, korang boleh pilih hotel di sekitar Bandar George Town, kawasan ni hidup sampai ke lewat malam. Bagi food lovers pula, korang boleh pilih untuk book hotel di sekitar Gurney, di situ ada satu kawasan makan yang terkenal iaitu di Gurney Drives. Ada pelbagai pilihan makanan anda boleh cari di sini. Just sediakan poket yang penuh dan perut yang kosong!

Pulau Pinang adalah pilihan yang perfect untuk shot gateway korang, tak lah dekat sangat dan tak lah jauh sangat dari Kuala Lumpur, just nice. Sebagai cadangan, korang boleh ambil flight Jumaat petang selepas waktu kerja. Kemudian luangkan hari Sabtu seharian untuk pusing-pusing sekitar kawasan George Town, dan nikmati sunset yang indah di Batu Feringgi. Akhiri malam korang dengan nice dinner di Gurney Drives. Hari Ahad pula, jalan-jalan di sekitar Padang Kota sebelum ke Bayan Lepas untuk kejar flight balik ke Kuala Lumpur. Yang paling penting, jangan lupa untuk try Nasi Kandaq Penang ok! Rasa dia sumpah tak sama dengan the one you guys makan kat KL.

Batu Feringgi

Padang Kota

Lupakan sekejap kesibukan Kuala Lumpur tu. Jangan lupa untuk book tiket flight dan hotel korang melalui Traveloka kalau nak dapat harga yang berbaloi-baloi. Kenapa beli asing kalau dengan Traveloka, korang boleh jimat berganda-ganda bila beli tiket flight dan book hotel sekali gus.