Owning a house perhaps is the largest ticket item or greatest achievement unlocked in one’s life but as house price increasing over the years, the affordability seems to be getting far out of reach for many youngsters. Thus, youngsters or young families these days chose to rent a house instead. Apart from being committed to pay off the monthly installment, there are some outgoings or expenses needed to be paid like legal fees, agent fees, stamp duties and etc. While legal fees and agent fees are still negotiable but not for stamp duties in Singapore, they are subject to change based on Singapore’s government regulations with the intention to cool the property prices in the market. With that being said, renting a HDB or private condominium does not necessarily means that you cannot feel like home. Here are some tips how you can make a rental look like your own with your individual flair and style.

Get creative with art

The best advice is to bring your personality to feature on your house’s wall. After getting nod from your landlord to hang your favourite art on the wall, by all means go ahead. This would not make your faux home feels like you are actually home than some beautiful pieces of arts or prints. With that permission given, that does not mean you can go ahead and drill holes without care on the wall, be mindful that you will need to repair any damages caused to the walls.

Wallpaper ideas

If you love bold and eclectic looks or perhaps, adding some cute motif to your kid’s room - then wallpaper offers a win-win in rental. In the market, there are many removable wallpapers that do not require paste or glue which allows you to instantly add the vibrancy to your room. However, better be safe than sorry by checking with your landlord beforehand so you don’t breach your contract. Besides, with the new technology, wall decals are an easy update for kid’s bedrooms. It can be easily removed or changed as your little ones grow older.

Indoor plants decor

It is without a doubt that indoor plants are one of the greatest and simple way to stamp your style on your personal space. Indoor house plants also helps to ventilate the air in the room and also liven up the atmosphere. If you fear of the need to spend much time to tend the plants, you can consider getting ZZ plant or pothos that require lesser care but still can be sustainable by itself. Click here to check out indoor plants that is highly recommended.

Fresh paint

Get permission from your landlord and you can paint it like your own. Painting is possibly one of the easiest way to breathe new life into new space. If your rental is a long term lease, pull out your paint brush and remember to use products that have low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) - this is to avoid a stench smell that causes headaches for weeks after you have freshly painted that on your wall.

Bright lights

If your house is dimmed and dark, it will look dull and unappetizing to stay in. Natural light is very important as it adds the vibe and brightness to the house making it feel warmth and comfortable to stay in the house. Use sheer drapes or bright coloured curtains to enhance the lighting in the house. However, if your house has lesser windows, it is recommended to change the lighting. There are many versatile and aesthetically beautiful looking lighting available in the market. Install them and you will notice the changes in your rooms and house.

Care with love

By adding your magical love touch to your rental house, your house will be full of warmth and coziness. Repair and replace some of the fixtures and fittings in your house, you will be surprise how new it will look again. For example, like the broken door knob or dysfunctional head shower or chipped off wooden furniture. Besides, a rug or vintage decor can change the whole atmosphere and vibe of the home, it does not have to cost a bomb to add a touch for the interior look.

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  1. Bagus juga ada tip untuk hias rumah sewa ni.. Tapi yg penting bila duduk rmh sewa, kena jaga kebersihan dan dll sebaiknya.

  2. Indoor plant tu menyerikan lagi rumah. Lagi² kalau rumah banyak natural light masuk

  3. good tips kak el.ramai yang guna wallpaper kan.. memang nampak cantik dan elegan..

  4. Bagus ada tips cmni.. Thanks share kak.. Skrg tgh ubahsuai umah.. Nk cat apa tgh pikir gk..hehe

  5. Selalunya kalau duduk rumah sewa tak boleh cat ape.. Tapi ikut kebwnaran owner la kan.. Memang cantik hias2 macam rumah sendiri..

  6. thankyou share entri ni.. boleh lah TB jadikan rujukan lepas ni

  7. Thanks for the tips, I will take note on that


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