WHAT IS Evogue Parfum Stylus

Evogue Perfume Styles is uniquely contrived for people with an active lifestyle, who are always on the go. Filled with the finest Eau De Parfum, expertly crafted by renowned artisans, it unleashes brilliantly paired fragrance notes. The Stylus is sleek, compact, and convenient; it fits into any pocket, pouch or bag offering superb convenience and precision anytime, anywhere. Just click and glide on the Perfume Stylus of your choice, through its leak-proof brush tip, leaving a delicate trail of scent…

First time, I am very surprised to see this parrfum looks like a pen or a brush eyeliner! 

What the most I love this parfum because this perfume very easy to apply, 100% fine & soft nylon brush and of course can fit into your makeup bag or even in your pocket. Cool ha. This perfume comes with 3 colors FIRE, METAL & EARTH. Formulated in France and made in Singapore.  Every each priced at $39USD and a gift set of all 3 costs $109USD.  


1) Alcohol free 
- skin friendly, non-flammable and suitable for all skin types

2) Gel formulation
-Ultra-concentrated, smooth flowing gel technology, non-sticky and melt onto skin instanly

3) Portable & convenient
-TSA friendly, slim, sleek and lightweight, touch up anywhere anytime discreetly

4) Volume control
-No wastage, one click lasts all day, twist and click adjust to your liking

5) Smart design
-Modern, stylish and elegant look, 100% fine and soft nylon brush. Easy to apply with 3D button

For the first time, I am using Metal parfum

Metal produce a vision of a noble horsemen hunting 
through damp woods, the citrus and bitter herbs of Metal evoke the crisp white shirt and warm skin of someone irresistibly attractive and elegantly sexy. The beauty and the genius of this exquisitely refine fragrance lie in its perfect balance: a balance between different elements of the composition, between simplicity and complexity, between artistic merit and pure pleasure.

It is one of those rare perfumes that have plenty to say, but that are easy to understand. The effervescence of Metal is set by pink pepper, cashmere wood, amber and patchouli, which form an exhilarating prelude.


Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Parfum, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Squalane, Trans-rose ketone-1, Citral, Coumarin, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Limonene, Linalool


1) Twist the Volume Control (at the tip) to the highest Volume 4
2) Click the 3D Button for several times until the gel is released
3) Glide anywhere on your body
4) Adjust volume to your liking for next application


It will be a totally new experience for you, and you will never apply perfume the same way again!
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For more information and to place your order, head over to Evogue's website and Facebook page right now!

15 Ulasan

  1. Wah nmpk menarik la perfume ala2 pen.. Kecik mudah dibawa...btw kita bru dgr jenama ni.. Baru keluar ke kak el?

  2. Cantik nya perfume bentuk pen.. Senang nak buh dalam handbage..tak payah nak risau jika tumpah ke apa kan

  3. Sngnya letak cmtu je.. mudah.. kecil leh selit kt mana2

  4. Ingat kan pen..Ni kalau ada kengkawan datang tetiba dia capai je sebab ingatkan pen , mau naya ni..nangis sudah!hahahah

  5. Baca dari atas ke bawah cerita pasalparfum tapi sekali tengok la bentuk macam pen. Senang nak bawa gi mana mana tak berat beg

  6. I think I saw this perfume before, one of my friend is using it. I like the packaging very much because its so easy to carry.

  7. First time tengok parfum jenis macam pen ni. Unik & senang nak bawa ke mana mana!

  8. perfume ke..kenapa comel sangat dia punya bentuk, macam pensell..hehehe..boleh bawa sana sini dengan benda kecik macam ni..

  9. macam pen je bentuk dia kan.. mudah ni nak bawa pi mana-mana, selit kat dalam poket aje ni.. pakai pun sikit je dah wangi ye

  10. Patutlah masa jumpa hari tu wangi selalu. Ada rahsia rupernya. Parfume jenis ni comei senang di guna dan di kemana saja..

  11. Smart lah bentuk ni. Takde la nampak ketara sangat nak sembur2 minyak wangi tengah orang.hehe

  12. Saya suka tengok produk yg lain dr lain nampak special

  13. bertambah vouge la dia. mudah ye botol macam tu.
    Janji Kita

  14. memang vogue sangat perfume ni, nampak eksklusif pula tu

  15. menarik sangat..senang nak bawa dah org tak perasan ianya parfum sebab nampak macam pen


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