BUKIT BERUNTUNG: A FAMILY was left feeling disgusted when they were served with a plate of fried noodles along with some additional ingredients -- tiny maggots -- when they went for a meal at a popular "mamak" restaurant in Tanjung Piai, Pontian Kecil, Johor.

Anuar@Jaffar Jemaat, 44, said the family stopped at the restaurant on their way home from a holiday on Sunday.

"My wife and I got our meals first and as she was about to eat when she noticed several maggots crawling through some pieces of chicken on her plate.

gambar sekadar hiasan

"When we took a closer look at all the meals that arrived, we noticed they all came with the "extra ingredient". None of us ate, but till today we are traumatised over the incident," he said.
Anuar said he believed the maggots came from the chicken which was probably rotten but still used. He asked for the owner or supervisor but both were unavailable and only a Bangladeshi worker was running the restaurant.

"There was no one there who could answer my questions and in the end, I decided to make a police report and also lodge a complaint with the health office there," he said.
He said the authorities must come down hard on such unscrupulous operators who are only interested in making money. -Sinar Harian

nota bijik: adoyaii aku ni mmg suka mee goreng mamak..
pasni kena tgk2 dulu ea huhuhu

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  1. bluweeekkkk...kalau aku le tengok benda dok gerak gerak dalam pinggan tu. terus je muntah .

    betul kot kan. tapi.. mee tu kan ka di goreng, masa goreng tu ulat tu tak mati ke?

    or.. mee dia tu dah sejuk?

  2. nasib x suka mee goreng mamak... hahah

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. goli den beb ..

  4. tu yg buek mee goreng mamak sodap kehkehkeh!!

  5. Tp akak lebih berselera tgk mee goreng yg el goreng ari tu..
    akak lebih suka mee macam tu..hehe.

  6. semalam kan aku makan nasi kerabu..tengok syokkk punya laju aku pulun..tiba tiba ang tau aku jumpa apa????

    stresss ok..ada lalat matiiii uolss! putus selera! terus basuh tangan..gerammm

  7. sabar je kan..
    kdg2 dorang buat menda mkn ni amik mudah je..
    sure ulat tu dr ayam tu kut..ayam dh lama..huhu..


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